Project Name 

School Attendance Management System Software

Timeline :  8th August 2021 – 12th November 2021



Technological advances have brought with it a wide variety of options on the market for student attendance monitoring. The main objective is to build an advanced school attendance management system software.

Project Development

Our Developer team has worked on the following area based on addressed requirements by the client to build the system –

Web-based Attendance App

Teachers can use their Mobile App account or web account to mark attendance class/subject-wise based on school preference. Smart options for recording absences by tapping on the student’s name who is absent. This is an incredibly quick attendance recording option where parents can instantly check their child’s present/absent status on their App.

Machine-based Attendance System

Aim for tracking both student and staff attendance. The machine attendance system has three options: 

  • RFID attendance
  • Face-recognition attendance
  • Bio-metric attendance

Direct synchronization of student class attendance to automate complete student attendance management and save time, in addition to providing real-time data of in-out reports. 

Attendance System Based On QR Codes

This is a smart attendance system that tracks students’ in-and-out times in real-time at a school. Small institutes that do not want to install an attendance machine prefer it. In this case, printing a unique QR code on each student’s I-card, which can be scanned as the student enters and exits class.

Our team has also worked on – 

  • Easily allocate shifts and timings
  • Seamless integration with backend software.
  • Improved security.

Project Status

The team has been working on improving the current functionalities and updating its new features for a long time. Currently, we are providing 24/7 dedicated technical support & advisory to the clients of Forex CRM facilitating the implementation of our solutions and integration with other tools for brokers.