Project Name 

Employee Management System

Timeline :  1st November 2020 – 19th June 2021


It is tough for HR organization to keep track of employee information such as salary details, medical information, attendance/leave records, overall performance, and more.

To eliminate the manual process and save a lot of time and money and maintain the professional and personal details of the employees and the company in a safe manner TFT Technology has developed a complete EMS (Employee Management System)

Project Development

Our developer team has worked on the following area base of addressed requirements to build the platform –

Database of all Employees

Creating database management system for traceable, and protected records containing information such as the employee’s personal information, bank details, emergency contacts, and even a record of leaves.

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Less Paperwork

Through the automation process, employees can request time off, submit timesheets or documents, and audit or approve submissions or requests using TFT EMS. This reduces the need to work with HR or submit unnecessary paperwork.

Time and Attendance Tracking

Real time tracing system for employees and managers have a real-time record of absences and the number of hours worked each day. This enables employees to be more responsible and keep track of their efficiency and absences rates before they become a problem.

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Reward System

Our system enables managers to give their employees (financial or non-financial) incentives for good performance.

Employees can access their total reward statement via the software, which is often a powerful way to keep individuals motivated and driven.

Expense Management

This EMS allows employees to scan or photograph receipts and upload them to a database. This helps managers and employees to keep a detailed record of all expenses.

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This app can process payroll on individuals online based on the number of hours they have put in with just a click of a button.

Asset Management

When an employee leaves the company, managers can keep track and monitor the return of any equipment that was provided to the employee by the organization via EMS.

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Shift Planning

An organization that relies on accurate timesheets to function properly, a tool that automatically schedules staff, eliminates shift conflicts and notifies employees of work shifts can be extremely useful.

Monitor the  Company’s Progress

This EMS software constantly collects data, allowing the company’s progress to be easily tracked. Instead of spending time putting together reports to see how the company is doing, a quick glance at the information on the software should allow managers to track the company’s progress in real-time and accurately.


Project Status

The team has been working on improving the current functionalities and updating its new features for a long time. Currently, we are providing 24/7 dedicated technical support & advisory to the clients of Forex CRM facilitating the implementation of our solutions and integration with other tools for brokers.