Project Name 

CRM for Forex Brokerage

Timeline :  2th August 2020 – Continue



Managing KYC and AML for Forex Brokers entering the business has become more difficult than ever before, and it requires more sophistication than ever. The high level of competition in the Forex industry makes a CRM an essential tool for any brokerage company.

From this concept, we have designed an efficient CRM to provide optimum ROI for the Forex Brokers.

Project Development

Our developer team has worked on the following area base of addressed requirements to build the platform –

Admin Panel

This panel is designed for administrators to manage the business efficiently and to keep track of all KYC information for their clients.

Client Panel

This panel is designed to assist clients in managing and maintaining their trades & for communicating with broker.

Partner Panel

This Panel is designed for the main IB to manage and maintain the track record of his Sub IB.  Also, managing the commissions.

Our team has also worked on – 

  • MAM
  • PAMM
  • Affiliate program
  • Risk Management
  • Marketing Tool
  • Forex live Buy and Sell Graph

Project Status

The team has been working on improving the current functionalities and updating its new features for a long time. Currently, we are providing 24/7 dedicated technical support & advisory to the clients of Forex CRM facilitating the implementation of our solutions and integration with other tools for brokers.